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Fabric specification: front tailored from aso oke, back from cotton twill satin or crease-resistant polyester/natural mixture. Select your aso oke from the range below.


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A17 Green/red eleya 189

A18 Naira & Kobo 199

A21 Dark multi-stripe 169


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A26 "PS"  199

A43 Yellow/rose squares Out of stock 

A32 Black/gold giant eleya 219

A37 Thea onjawu 179

A38 Red/black/gold eleya 189

A40 Old dark threads 174

A41 Old "miliki" 239

A42 Blue/yellow eleya 184

A31 Black shadow stripe 179

A44 Old sanyan onjawu 179


A47 Iya Beni 179

A48 Pink/silver Okene 179


Each of these fabrics is hand woven by skilled Yoruba craftsmen. Sample swatches available by mail on request at a charge of 5 each (refundable.) We cannot possibly show you our full range here; if you can, please come to the shop and see with your own eyes. If you can't please use our on-line ordering system. Please make a note of the fabric number you select and continue to the fitting details page here.

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